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At reasonable prices, Eli’s Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach provides our customers in Delray Beach and all throughout the East Coast of Central Florida with high-quality, dependable, and professional sliding door repair service.

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When you need sliding door repairs, it's time to call on us. We always practice safe distancing and wear face masks when appropriate. Here are our top services:

Impact Sliding Glass Door Repair- Eli's Sliding Door Repair Of Plantation (754) 280-1008

An impact sliding door is designed to be hurricane-resistant, which is crucial for Florida residents. It’s best to inspect them periodically to ensure that they’re working correctly and don’t need to be replaced.

If you want sliding glass doors like this, installation is a breeze for our professional team. We can help you discuss screen doors and options to determine if they’re suitable for you!

Sometimes, sliding glass door repair is necessary. The glass might break, or other components need to be replaced.

Choose the glass replacement experts for your patio sliding doors. We can repair the patio door or install a new one based on your specific needs.

The most common sliding glass door repairs focus on the handles and locks. They might be damaged or worn out, and we can help you protect your home and investment.

Typically, it’s best to choose a double-bolt lock for your sliding screen door. These locks work better, and we’re the only company around that can replace them and install the right locking system for your doors!

Does the sliding screen feel like it’s too heavy, and you get a workout each time you open it? This sliding glass door problem likely means the door hardware has worn out. You should address such issues early to avoid costly repairs later.

These rollers often need lubrication so that the wheels underneath run smoothly. However, it’s a short-term solution.

We always use high-quality stainless steel rollers that come with precision ball bearings. They have a higher weight capacity, so you get fresh air without working hard. Sometimes, we recommend installing new rollers if the wheels are damaged. Your sliding door can’t run properly without rollers, and we provide this service!



Eli’s Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach can service, repair, or replace your screen door, whether it’s ripped or needs to be re-screened. All sizes of screen doors are serviced by us. Checking the screen door rollers and track is also part of our screen door maintenance. 

Do your doors bounce, make rattling noises, or jump off the tracks? You’ve probably got track damage and require sliding glass door repair. This is a common issue, making the door hard to operate.

Our team at Eli’s Sliding Door Repair is highly trained and offers the best prices. Your house is sure to be more comfortable when you call our company for a repair. We can even replace the tracks so that the door runs smoothly again.

While the tracks are designed to be heavy-duty, that doesn’t mean they work correctly forever. We offer door glass replacement and track repair. Please call for service today!


Is your screen door in need of a new handle? Is the latch broken? Do you require a new patio door lock? We are the firm to contact. Sliding door handles frequently break as a result of a roller issue. You’re covered with Eli’s Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach!

Best Pocket Door Repair In Florida- Eli's Sliding Door Repair Of Plantation (754) 280-1008

Many people choose a sliding glass door that disappears into a special compartment when open. They are ideal for small spaces, but these sliding doors must often be repaired after a while.

Generally, they get broken because they work hard for you. Sliding door repair is crucial, and we always do a fantastic job. Our team is equipped with the right tools and is reliable enough to complete the task at hand.

Let us work on your pocket door and fix it today!

Slider Repair In Plantation FL- Eli's Sliding Door Repair Of Plantation (754) 280-1008

Our business focuses primarily on sliding door repair, so when you need this door slider repair service, we offer an affordable price.

The screws could get loosened, stripped, or worn out with time. That could result in you bending or damaging the track. We can help you repair the issue quickly.

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Eli's Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach

When you need sliding glass door repair, you’re looking for a fair price from a professional who can get the job done right.

Whether you’re a property manager or homeowner, you want your patio door to work correctly, and that often requires service for repairs, replacements, and all the rest.

Our Sliding Glass Door Technicians at Eli’s Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach have the best solution for you. Please contact us to make an appointment. We’re family-owned and operated and can get most things installed or repaired in a few hours.

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Eli’s Sliding Door Repair Of Delray Beach has been serving Broward County customers for more than a decade! Based in Delray Beach, all of your sliding glass door needs are easily taken care of by our team. Just ask any of our satisfied customers!

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Whether you live in Delray Beach, South Florida, or West Palm Beach, you're likely to have a sliding glass door. They're quite popular in the state, but what happens when they need to be fixed? Eli's Sliding Door Repair can help residential and commercial customers and offers the best service around! Whether you require glass replacement or have a broken sliding door, we can fix the issue. Let our company find you a new door and replace the one you've got! Call today for a complete and free estimate because customer satisfaction is our priority!