Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

Let our repair service experts help you fix your sliding glass doors and screens in Broward County, FL!

A broken sliding glass door can be a real pain and prohibit you from enjoying the outdoors and your patio. Our sliding glass door repair services are designed to allow you to open and close your sliding door with just one finger, saving you money on a new sliding door repair.

The team at Eli’s Sliding Door Repair of Plantation has to remove the door before we can fix your sliding glass door system. Large glass doors are heavy and require special care to take damaging them or the surrounding environment. Many homeowners are concerned about the dust and debris that will be generated during a sliding door repair, and we promise them that we will take all required precautions to keep their homes clean and clean up after ourselves. We clean and clean your track, leaving it spotless at your home or business in Plantation, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach throughout Broward County, Florida

We’ll look to determine if the sliding door track is worn, bent, or misaligned. Misaligned rails can sometimes be knocked back into alignment, which we can do quickly for you. The sliding door track can also slip out of alignment due to loose screws, which is a straightforward fix. If the present track cannot be repaired, we will install a screw-down stainless steel cap with a lifetime warranty to ensure that your sliding glass doors glide smoothly and effectively.

The accumulation of dirt or loose debris in the tracking system can also cause problems with sliding doors. We’ll look for debris and clean it away so the door can open and close smoothly once more.

Sliding Door Roller, Track and Balance Springs Repair

Track Repair / Roller Replacement

It can be difficult to gain access to the outdoors or other areas of the house when your sliding door is damaged. We can repair or replace any of the components that make up the sliding door system. Sliding doors, particularly sliding glass doors, can be rather heavy, and their repair and component replacement necessitate a certain level of ability and experience.

The first step in repairing the door is to take it apart so that we can check it and diagnose the problem. We’ll tell you whether a simple repair is necessary or if any parts need replacement to ensure that the sliding door is easy to open and close.

Sliding Door Track Repair

Repairing Sliding Door Tracks

We’ll have to take the door down to see if the track is the issue, just like we did with the rollers impeding the movement of your sliding doors. These sliding door tracks are prone to damage over time, causing them to perform poorly, stick when sliding, or just not open or close. To repair sliding door tracks, we first determine whether the issue is due to wear, bending, or misalignment. Rails that are misaligned, as well as tracks with loose screws, can frequently be simply rectified. If we are unable to repair your track, we will replace it so that you may use the doorway again.

Lock & Handle Repair & Replacement

It is critical to secure your patio sliding door. Because patio doors are easy to open from the outside, burglars target them. Don’t fall victim to a break-in. Install a Double-Bolt lock on every patio door in the house to add an extra layer of security. The sliding door cannot be lifted out of the track because of the lock. If you require Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair or Replacement In Your Area, give us a call to schedule a FREE, On-Site Estimate today!! 

Sliding Glass Door Roller Replacement

The door rollers are typically constructed of plastic or metal. The rollers are usually held in place by a couple of screws, and this is a simple fix. When your sliding door’s rollers are the issue, it’s usually because they’ve corroded so badly that they won’t roll or are broken and can’t spin. Bearings are frequently to blame and must be replaced. We will reinstall your sliding glass door and assure smooth operation after the rollers have been replaced successfully. Call us for Roller Replacement And Repair today!

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